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plates on fence

There is more than one way to store all those broken or cracked plates.








shattered glass 

 This is shattered glass, soursed free from glass repair shops.

      Welcome to the Tools and Supplies Page

large gold tumbled glass tiles 

These glass tiles have been cut from a gold patterned glass which was a friends balcony. They are a different look in a mosaic and are a recycled product, which I like. I have quite a large quantity.

small tumbled gold glass tiles

Finer tumbled glass for over coverage of objects, something a little different.

green tumbled glass

terracotta pot terracotta pot terracotta pot terracotta pot
This tumble glass came from a house built in the early 1900s. The windows were broken during some alterations.

 old tumbled glass pieces
Various sizes of stone balls available or buy the loose polished stones.Variety of colours available. Prices on request click here to go to contact page.
Do your own pot mosaic packs
This pack consists of a terracotta pot, coloured ceramic shards pieces, quantity of powdered mastic for attaching  the pieces and a quantity of grout.
I will include an instruction sheet with the pack.
I am able to make up different coloured packs from my collection.
                    PINK POT GROUP
         jenny@jlmosaics.co.nz green pot mix 3 stone balls
When your friends break a mirror, ask for the shards so you can cut them up for a mirror project.
mirror tile I like this supplier for tiles, their shop is eye caddy
 polished stones

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