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Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a mosaic artist. I specialise in broken crockery, found objects, stone and old jewellery mosaics. In other words I like to reuse stuff rather than buy heaps of new materials.

English ballagates           plates

 One of the crafts I dabble in is polishing stones; there are some unusual, interesting, beautiful stones in New Zealand including Pounamu, agate and jasper, so it is only sensible to incorporate them into my mosaics.

 Broken or old crockery and pottery is easily sourced from friends, family, second-hand shops, recycle shops and the like, as is old custom jewellery. I have many fun excursions to source my material and have made many new friends along the way.                        

My material influences my designs and products, which can be a challenge but very rewarding when I view the final products.
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 tree fruit


square tealight

pots on tictactoe

basket of stones

set of 3 orange balls

2 dalias yellow
I find mosaicing as a craft/art form is a wonderful outlet for me. I have many designs and ideas still in my head to put into my mosaic pieces. There are many things and places that influence my work, Photographing the flowers in the garden is one, the ancient mosaics is another. I have some wonderful photos of these on the inspiration page. Take a look. There are links to other sites there as well.